Half-Earth Future

The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation recognizes the contributions of companies, communities, and scientists working toward the goal of halting and reversing biodiversity loss. These diverse stakeholders collaborate in unique ways, establish and share sustainable best practices, apply indigenous and traditional knowledge, manage important habitats, and advance scientific research.

"As an entrepreneur and business leader I often wonder; How come companies take pride in making a profit, even when that profit is made at the expense of others – be it eco-systems, species or people."

Eva Karlsson
Eva Karlsson, CEO Houdini Sportswear

Companies for a Half-Earth Future provides a science-based positive vision and focus for purpose-driven, long-term innovation and business development, and a path to explore how companies can use their value proposition and core business offerings to innovate in driving value to their business and a sustainable planet.

The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation recognizes Companies for a Half-Earth Future that are creating a transformational agenda for next-generation, sustainability-focused business practices contributing to protecting global biodiversity. We highlight these companies’ work through our advocacy and outreach at Half-Earth Day® and beyond.

Communities for a Half-Earth Future recognizes community organizations and entities engaged in conservation efforts that lead to the protection of species that contribute to the goal of Half-Earth, including indigenous knowledge practices, citizen science projects, and educational opportunities. Communities include geographically co-located and virtually connected environmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, local governments, educational institutions, and others that are collaborating to support conservation and sustainable lifestyles that contribute to Half-Earth. Community activities are amplified through our media and at discussion events like Places and Voices of America the Beautiful.

Two women speaking to each other.
L-R, Queen Quet of the Gullah Geechee Nation, Paula Ehrlich, CEO, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation
E.O. Wilson posing with a man while signing books.
L-R, Walter Jetz, Scientific Chair, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, E.O. Wilson

Scientists for a Half-Earth Future has been created as an umbrella mechanism to recognize scientists, scientific organizations, and research and technological innovations that are contributing to the goal of Half-Earth. Scientists for a Half-Earth Future honors both the individual researcher and the collective leadership of scientists that are contributing to the goal of halting and reversing biodiversity loss.

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