A nossa equipa

Equipa Executiva

Paula J. Ehrlich, DVM, PhD, is President & CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, whose mission is to reimagine the way we care for our planet through actionable scientific research that supports communities in their stewardship of biodiversity. 

Dr. Ehrlich is also co-Founder of the Half-Earth Project and has led the development of the Half-Earth Project Map, a global, spatially-explicit, and taxonomically comprehensive map of species, which informs how well conserved places are protecting species and identifies priorities for future conservation. She is founder of Half-Earth Day, which brings together world-wide participants from across disciplines to share perspectives and thought leadership on how to achieve Half-Earth and ensure the health of our planet for future generations.

O Dr. Ehrlich tem mais de 30 anos de experiência em gestão científica estratégica e investigação, e diversas experiências académicas, sem fins lucrativos, e de liderança empresarial. O seu trabalho actual encarna as esperanças do maior naturalista do nosso tempo, E.O. Wilson.

Walter Jetz, MSc, PhD is a Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Adjunct Professor in the School of Forestry and the Environment at Yale University. Dr. Jetz is Director of the Yale Center for Biodiversity and Global Change, which links scientists, students and practitioners engaged in the environment, biological, informatics, policy or health aspects and implications of global biodiversity change. Dr. Jetz leads the Map of Life at Yale University, which utilizes geospatial species distribution data and analytics to guide where we have the best opportunity to conserve the most species.

Dr. Jetz’ work addresses patterns and mechanisms of changing biodiversity distribution and the resulting implications on conservation and environmental management. His research combines remote sensing, phylogenetic, functional, and spatiotemporal biodiversity data with new modeling approaches and informatics tools. Dr. Jetz is particularly interested in how environmental, ecological, and macroevolutionary mechanisms combine to determine the co-occurrence of species and the structure of species assemblages.

In addition to his work at Yale, Dr. Jetz chairs the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Task Group on Biodiversity Indicators and is Co-Lead of the GEO BON Working Group on Species Distributions. Dr. Jetz was previously a professor of biological sciences at the University of California San Diego. Dr. Jetz earned his MSc in Integrative Bioscience and PhD in Zoology from the University of Oxford.

Lorri Paro, MBA, is a Carolinas CFO Partner with TechCXO LLC, a national fractional C-Suite contracting firm based in Atlanta, GA. Lorri brings more than 30 years of financial and operational leadership with a proven track record of execution, having served as CFO in R&D, manufacturing, service, and not-for-profit companies. Lorri provides immediate value to companies through strategic business plan development, process streamlining, and cash flow optimization. Client companies are frequently long-term engagements managing finance, tax, cash, business valuation, budgeting, modeling, audit, and government compliance. Additionally, Lorri has collaborative experience with many areas of business operations including H/R, supply chain, contracts, and sales. Lorri also has unique and extensive experience with federal funding (i.e., government agency contracts and grants).

Prior to her work as a consultant, Lori worked in industry finance roles for ~15 years in the areas of manufacturing, professional services, and medical devices. In 2019, Lorri also co-founded a drug-development company that is developing science against certain diseases with significant unmet medical needs, such as ALS and Parkinson’s Disease.

Lorri holds an MBA and BA from the Jenkins Program at North Carolina State University, and is a North Carolina Certified Public Accountant.

Brooks Bonner

Brooks Bonner serves as the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation’s Program Director, collaborating with scientists, scholars, and communities working around the globe to advance biodiversity science. His work centers on amplifying the reach and utilization of the Foundation’s Half-Earth Project Map and related products.

Brooks worked as the Director of Community Engagement for the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS), an organization that E.O. Wilson helped found. In this role, he led the processes to develop and implement strategies for effectively engaging three stakeholder groups– Science Pioneers, Science Participants, and Science Stewards–at local, national, and global scales. At OTS, he also led the management of undergraduate, field-based study abroad programs in Costa Rica and South Africa, and helped to streamline management of Faculty-Led Academic Groups. Brooks also previously worked with Nature & Culture International in the Peruvian Amazon region of Loreto, contributing to the first co-managed regional conservation network established in Peru.

Brooks has a MA in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, and is a graduate of San Francisco State University, where he pursued a B.A. in Intercultural Speech Communication.

Amy Tidovsky, leads fundraising in support of the foundation’s mission, strategies and projects.

Antes do seu papel actual, Amy passou mais de 20 anos na The Nature Conservancy (TNC), onde, em posições a nível estatal, nacional e global, adquiriu uma profunda experiência em grandes e principais angariações de fundos, campanhas de capital, desenvolvimento de conselhos de administração, formação e consulta filantrópica, e liderança e gestão sem fins lucrativos. Mais recentemente, Amy serviu como Directora Regional de Desenvolvimento para a Conservancy da América do Norte. Os destaques na carreira incluem a obtenção de apoio filantrópico para uma troca dívida-natureza EUA-Indonésia, um Desafio Climático MacArthur para promover o clima e a política energética em todos os 50 estados, e o estabelecimento de uma Rede de Cidades da América do Norte com um enfoque na equidade social. Neste papel, desenvolveu também um conselho de liderança voluntário para a TNC na América do Norte.

Amy também trabalhou como repórter no Colorado e como editora no Gabinete de Relações Públicas da Universidade Estatal da Louisiana. Tem um mestrado em Literatura Comparada e em Jornalismo e uma licenciatura em Literatura Inglesa pela LSU.

Dennis Liu, PhD, is an internationally recognized expert in science education. Dr. Liu directed the production of educational media at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and before that with Video Discovery and Microsoft. He’s worked with scientists, education specialists, graphic designers, animators, and filmmakers to produce an array of educational products that have had a lasting impact on science education. Dr. Liu has managed cross-disciplinary teams devoted to assessing and assuring the educational impact of media products, including professional development and community building. He’s been an executive producer and editorial advisor on over a dozen film projects for theater, broadcast television, large screen, and digital science programs aimed at educational audiences and the general public.

Dennis studied zoology at the University of Wisconsin, earned a PhD in Biology from the University of Oregon, and then conducted research and taught in the Department of Genetics at the University of Washington. He has a passion for explaining diverse science to diverse audiences, and has advised on numerous museum exhibits and media projects. He wrote a longtime feature for the journal Life Sciences Education.

Bill Finch works with the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and the Half-Earth Project to address conservation issues throughout the southeastern United States, including creation of a Mobile-Tensaw Delta national park unit in Alabama. Bill is founding director of Paint Rock Forest Research Center located within one of the most biologically diverse forests in North America, and founding partner of the Alabama River Diversity Network working toward the establishment of a Black Belt National Heritage Area Act.

Bill foi anteriormente Director de Conservação da The Nature Conservancy no Alabama, Director do Jardim Botânico Móvel, e um editor-gerente com o Mobile Press-Register. Bill recebeu inúmeros prémios regionais e nacionais pela sua escrita sobre conservação e questões ambientais e é o autor de Folha Longa, Longe Como o Olho Pode Ver.

Piotr Naskrecki, PhD, is an entomologist, conservation biologist, author, and photographer, based at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. He currently directs the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory at Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique where he trains a new cadre of Mozambican biologists and conservationists, and helps rebuild the park, which suffered during the recent civil war in that country. Dr. Naskrecki created and administers the Half-Earth Project Fellowship in Taxonomy and Biodiversity Exploration which has several graduates working throughout the African continent. His scientific interests focus on the evolution of communication and sound production in insects and other animals, and the phylogenetic reconstruction of insect relationships. He is the author of over 50 scientific, peer-reviewed papers and book chapters.

A popular escrita e fotografia do Dr. Naskrecki capta tanto a beleza como o papel vital dos insectos, muitas vezes membros criticamente importantes dos ecossistemas do planeta. Ele é um dos membros fundadores da Liga Internacional de Fotógrafos de Conservação e as suas fotografias e escrita sobre a natureza foram publicadas em várias publicações nacionais e internacionais, incluindo The Smithsonian Magazine, Natural History, National Wildlife, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC Knowledge, Terre Sauvage, Time revista, Ranger Rick, e muitos outros. Ele é o autor de A Maioria Menor, Uma Janela sobre a Eternidade com E.O. Wilson, Relíquias, e o seu título mais recente, Reino Escondidoque mostra a fauna diversificada de insectos da Costa Rica.

Conselho de Administração

David Prend

David J. Prend, MBA, is a Managing General Partner and co-founder of RockPort Capital Partners, a Boston- and San Francisco-based venture capital firm focusing on investments in technologies in the energy, mobility, and sustainability sectors.

David faz actualmente parte dos Conselhos de Administração das empresas da carteira RockPort Achates Power, Enki Technology, Enlighted Inc., Glasspoint Solar, InVisage Technologies, e Solar Universe. Além disso, ele serve como Director do Conselho Consultivo Nacional do Laboratório Nacional de Energias Renováveis do Departamento de Energia (NREL), onde é também Presidente do Painel de Revisão da Tecnologia Solar. David serviu como membro do Conselho de Administração da Associação Nacional de Capital de Risco de 2007 a 2011.

David iniciou a sua carreira na indústria energética como engenheiro na Bechtel, onde trabalhou na área das tecnologias energéticas avançadas. De 1984 a 1987, trabalhou na Amoco no Departamento do Tesoureiro, e nas subsidiárias químicas e a montante de petróleo e gás. Mais tarde, juntou-se à Shearson Lehman no seu Grupo Bancário de Investimento em Recursos Naturais, onde aconselhou empresas nas indústrias da energia, mineração e produtos florestais. Em 1990, juntou-se à Salomon Brothers, onde foi promovido a Director Geral e chefiou o Global Energy Investment Banking Group. Em 1998, o Sr. Prend foi co-fundador da RockPort Partners, um banco comercial especializado nos sectores da energia e do ambiente, e em 2000 foi co-fundador da Rockport Capital Partners.

David recebeu um BS em Engenharia Civil pela Universidade da Califórnia em Berkeley e um MBA pela Harvard Business School.

Ângulo de Márcia

Marcia Angle é uma advogada ambiental e médica preventiva, que publicou e trabalhou na área da saúde reprodutiva internacional. Marcia foi directora médica na IntraHealth, concentrando-se na África Subsaariana durante duas décadas. Na Carolina do Norte, trabalhou como Directora Médica do Departamento de Saúde do Condado de Orange e ensinou epidemiologia ambiental na Escola do Ambiente da Universidade Duke. A Dra. Angle tem um BA da Universidade de Harvard, um MD da Universidade Duke, e um MPH da Escola de Saúde Pública Global Gillings da UNC em Chapel Hill, NC. 

Dr. Angle currently serves on the Board of Directors of four non-profit organizations: E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, Nature and Culture International, Rachel’s Network, and the Southern Environmental Law Center. She also serves on four Advisory Councils: Duke University’s Superfund Research Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, The North Carolina Conservation Network, and Reserva La Esperanza.

Mark Burget

Mark Burget, JD, MBA, é o Managing Partner da Tumalo Creek Partners, LLC, uma parceria orientada para a missão dedicada a apoiar o futuro da vida. Mark é também Vice-Presidente de Iniciativas Estratégicas da Re:wild.

Durante 25 anos, Mark serviu a The Nature Conservancy, incluindo como Chefe de Programas de Conservação, Director Geral da América do Norte, Director da Califórnia, e Director do Colorado. Mark também serviu como Presidente e Director de Operações da Fundação ClimateWorks, uma rede filantrópica global $1B+ centrada na política energética e de uso da terra.

Mark obteve o seu JD e MBA pela Universidade da Virgínia e a sua licenciatura em Governo pelo Dartmouth College. Mark fez parte de numerosos conselhos de administração, incluindo recentemente a Fundação para a Energia (EUA e China) e a Allotrope Partners. Também fez parte dos conselhos da Fundação Europeia do Clima, do Conselho Internacional sobre Transportes Limpos, da Aliança Clima e Uso da Terra, do Instituto para a Produtividade Industrial, e da Bio-Logical Capital, LLC.

Lee Ann Daly

Lee Ann Daly é um executivo americano de marketing e meios de comunicação social globalmente reconhecido. Ela fornece conselhos estratégicos, trans-media, criativos e planos de acção a uma vasta gama de empresas privadas e públicas estabelecidas e em fase inicial. Na ESPN, Reuters e Thomson Reuters Markets foi membro do comité executivo, ocupando os cargos de Vice-Presidente Executiva e Directora de Marketing, e liderando equipas globais de marketing e comunicação.

Foi presidente norte-americana da The Talent Business, uma empresa de procura de executivos sediada no Reino Unido. É membro do Conselho de Consultores do Reitor da The Media School da Universidade de Indiana, onde se licenciou em Jornalismo. É Alumni Fellow na The Kelley School of Business at Indiana e é licenciada pelo Instituto Francês de Culinária e Universidade de Santa Monica. 

Foi membro da direcção da Avenues For Justice em Nova Iorque, Presidente e Presidente do Conselho da Associação Americana de Marketing e é conselheira especial do fundador da MFK: Haiti. Vive em Los Angeles com o seu marido e filhos.

Stephen Lockhart

Stephen Lockhart, MD, PhD, foi mais recentemente o Director Médico da Sutter Health do Norte da Califórnia, um sistema de saúde sem fins lucrativos que cuida de três milhões de pacientes - ou um em cada 100 americanos. Antes de ser nomeado CMO, Stephen foi Director Médico Regional de Sutter para East Bay, Director Administrativo no campus de St. Luke's do Centro Médico da Califórnia do Pacífico de Sutter (CPMC), e Director Administrativo Médico dos serviços cirúrgicos do CPMC.

A sua paixão por resultados de saúde equitativos alimentou os seus esforços de liderança para prestar cuidados equitativos em todo o sistema Sutter, o que resultou na concepção e implementação de um programa de equidade na saúde e de um Índice de Equidade na Saúde (IES) em todo o Sutter em 2017. Utilizando uma abordagem semelhante à dos medicamentos de precisão, o IES fornece a Sutter uma compreensão mais profunda dos resultados de saúde entre as diferentes populações de pacientes.

Em 2017, Stephen foi nomeado para o Comité Consultivo de Medicina de Precisão do Governador Brown como parte do esforço contínuo da Califórnia para utilizar computação e tecnologia avançadas para melhor compreender, tratar e prevenir doenças.

A Rhodes Scholar, Stephen earned his Master’s in economics at Oxford University, and received his MD and PhD degrees from Cornell University. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist. An avid climber and backpacker, Stephen has a long-standing passion for providing environmental science education and introducing the U.S. National Parks to an increasingly diverse population of people. He serves on the boards of the ECRI Institute, REI, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and is chairman of Parks California – a new statewide nonprofit dedicated to supporting California’s parks and public lands.

Dinesh Nandan

Dinesh Nandan is an experienced corporate attorney who advises on various legal issues ranging from corporate, governance, regulatory and contract matters. Dinesh spent the first decade of his career as corporate in-house counsel for Providian Financial, a consumer bank headquartered in San Francisco. He then joined Education Finance Partners, a startup focused on private student loans, as General Counsel and Secretary. He later became founding executive of Home Value Protection, Inc., a Kleiner Perkins-financed company which developed and sold insurance to secure home values against market decline. Most recently, Dinesh served as General Counsel and Secretary of Humu, Inc., a human resources startup co-founded by a friend and former Googler.

Dinesh studied Microbiology and History at U.C. Berkeley (A.B. 1990), lived in Beijing, China where he worked as a university lecturer, and completed a law degree at the University of San Francisco (J.D. 1996). During his time at the University of San Francisco, Dinesh worked at the Asia Foundation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia supporting their democracy-building initiatives with the newly elected democratic government.

Paul Simon

During his distinguished career spanning six decades, musician and songwriter, Paul Simon, has produced timeless masterpieces, such as Bridge Over Troubled Water, Still Crazy After All These Years, and Graceland, all of which garnered GRAMMY Album of the Year. Mr. Simon was awarded the inaugural Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, which recognizes the profound and positive effect of popular music on the world’s culture. 

Mr. Simon is also a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors, and, in 2006, was named one of Time magazine’s “100 People Who Shape Our World.” In Junho 2017, net proceeds from Mr. Simon’s month-long U.S. concert tour were donated to benefit the Half-Earth Project, an initiative of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation.

Charles Smith

Charles Smith is a serial entrepreneur who has launched four companies and one foundation. He is perhaps best known for developing the royalty-free licensing model for digital images which today accounts for over 95 percent of worldwide image sales. Mr. Smith also co-founded Knowledge Factor, a company that pioneered the Amplifire protocol, which demonstrably accelerates learning and enhances long-term retention. He has served on the Director’s Cabinet at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the world’s oldest and largest organization devoted to understanding the dynamic between land, ocean, and atmosphere. 

Smith currently serves on the board of Nature and Culture International, a position in which he is applying his time and expertise toward the goal of saving remaining biodiversity hotspots on the planet before they disappear forever. To date, Nature and Culture has conserved nine million acres in the most diverse ecosystems of Latin America.

Jørgen Thomsen

Jorgen Thomsen is the Director of Climate Solutions at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Prior to joining the foundation in 2009, Thomsen spent 14 years with Conservation International as Senior Vice President of the organization’s Conservation Funding Division and as Executive Director of the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, which included leading a $260 million grant making and partnership development facility for civil society organizations in the most biodiversity-rich areas of the world. 

Antes disso, foi o chefe executivo do TRAFFIC, uma organização que controla o comércio de recursos naturais, e ocupou cargos na WWF e na UICN, bem como no Ministério do Ambiente dinamarquês. Thomsen tem um mestrado em zoologia e também frequentou a Faculdade de Direito na Universidade de Copenhaga, na sua Dinamarca natal.

Keith Tuffley

Keith Tuffley is a Vice Chairman and Global Co-Head of the Sustainability & Corporate Transitions Group at Citigroup, leading Citi’s sustainability engagement with its corporate clients. In 2014 until 2017, he was the CEO of The B Team, an NGO composed of 24 CEO’s of global companies, leading entrepreneurs, and civil society leaders, to drive a better way of doing business. He was an active participant in the Paris Climate Agreement process by helping to mobilize CEO’s in support of ambitious climate targets and assisting The B Team companies to make bold “net-zero by 2050” commitments. 

Keith foi Director Executivo, Chefe da Banca de Investimento, e sócio da Goldman Sachs na Austrália, e também esteve baseado em Londres como Chefe do grupo Industrials em toda a Europa. Keith é o Fundador da empresa de investimento de impacto com sede na Suíça, NEUW Ventures SA, Presidente da Global Footprint Network, Governador da WWF-Austrália, Embaixador Global da Wilderness Foundation Global, Conselheiro Sénior da WILD11, e membro do Rewilding Europe Circle. Foi anteriormente Director da Fundação Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Bush Heritage Australia, e We Mean Business.

Jeff Ubben

Jeffrey W. Ubben, MBA, é um Fundador, Sócio-Gerente, e o Gestor de Portfólio de Parceiros de Capital Inclusivo. O Sr. Ubben é um Fundador reformado da ValueAct Capital, onde foi Director Executivo, Director de Investimentos, e Gestor de Carteira. Antes de fundar a ValueAct Capital em 2000, o Sr. Ubben foi sócio-gerente da Blum Capital Partners durante mais de cinco anos. O Sr. Ubben é um director da Enviva Inc., Exxon Mobil Corporation, e Fertiglobe plc. É ex-director da AES Corporation, AppHarvest, Nikola Corporation, ex-presidente e director da Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., e ex-director de várias outras empresas públicas e privadas. 

Mr. Ubben serves on the boards of Duke University, the World Wildlife Fund, The Redford Center and the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, and formerly served as Chair of the National Board of the Posse Foundation for nine years. Mr. Ubben has a BA from Duke University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Dawn Wright

Dawn Wright, MS, PhD, is Chief Scientist of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (aka, Esri), a world-leading geographic information system (GIS), software, and data science company. Core to Esri’s mission is to inspire and enable people to positively impact their future by connecting them with the geoanalytic knowledge needed to make the critical decisions shaping the planet. Hence, Esri believes that geography is at the heart of a more resilient and sustainable future. As Chief Scientist, Dr. Wright is responsible for strengthening the scientific foundation for Esri software and services, while representing Esri to the international scientific community. She also serves on the Half Earth Council and the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Board of Directors, and is Professor of Geography and Oceanography at Oregon State University where she has been a faculty member since 1995.

No início dos anos 90, Dawn foi a primeira mulher de ascendência africana a mergulhar no fundo do oceano no profundo submersível Alvin. A 12 de Julho de 2022, tornou-se a primeira pessoa de qualquer género e de ascendência africana a mergulhar no Challenger Deep, o ponto mais profundo da Terra, e a operar com sucesso um sonar sidescan em profundidade total do oceano. Isto foi conseguido no Factor Limitante Submerso Profundo.

Em Abril de 2021 o Dr. Wright foi eleito tanto para a Academia Nacional das Ciências como para a Academia Americana de Artes e Ciências. Tem um PhD Individual Interdisciplinar em Geografia Física e Geologia Marinha da UC-Santa Barbara, um MS em Oceanografia from Texas A&M, and um BS cum laude em Geologia do Wheaton College (Illinois). Sigam-na no Twitter @deepseadawn.

Other Members

Paula J. Ehrlich, DVM, PhD, Presidente (Ex-officio)

Lori Paro, Tesoureira (Ex-officio)

Paul Sennott, Secretário (Ex-officio)

Conselho da Meia-Terra

Piotr Naskrecki, Parque Nacional da Gorongosa, Cadeira de Meia-Terra

Gregg Carr, Projecto de Restauração da Gorongosa

Sean B. Carroll, HHMI 

Laura Turner Seydel, Fundação Turner

Kris Tompkins, Tompkins Conservation

Mathis Wackernagel, Rede Global de Pegada Ecológica

Jeff Sachs, UN SDSN

John Seager, Ligação Populacional

Mike Phillips, Fundo das Espécies Ameaçadas de Extinção do Turner

Robin Kimmerer, SUNY

Louie Psihoyos, Sociedade de Preservação Oceânica

Sylvia Earle, Missão Azul

Dawn Wright, Esri

Conselho de Consultores

Edward O. Wilson, Presidente (1929-2021)

Gretchen Daily, Universidade de Stanford

Sylvia Earle, Missão Azul

Harrison Ford

Carol Greider, Instituto Johns Hopkins de Ciências Biomédicas Básicas

Eric R. Kandel, Universidade de Columbia

Amory Lovins, Instituto Rocky Mountains

Gregory T. Lucier, NuVasive

James B. McClintock, A Universidade do Alabama em Birmingham

Sir Paul Nurse

Stuart L. Pimm, Universidade Duke

Steven Pinker, Universidade de Harvard

Peter H. Raven

Larry G. Rosenstock, High Tech High

Jeffrey Sachs, Universidade de Columbia

Daniel Schrag, Centro Universitário para o Ambiente da Universidade de Harvard

Holden Thorp, Ciência


The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and its Half-Earth Project are grateful for the financial support of the following individuals, corporations and foundations.

Judith Adler
Edith Albritton
Alisann and Terry Collins Foundation
Alexander Anderson
Marcia Angle and Mark Trustin
Ann M. Bragg Fund
Jonathan Arnold
R. David and Kathryn V. Arnold
Todd and Diane Baker
T.A. Barron
Ed Bass
Beardsley Family Foundation
Douglas Bender
Gwendolyn Binder
Bonovich Giving Trust
Heather Bowden
Sheila Brady
Cary Brown
Kathleen Bruch
Lou Caprioglio
Greg Carr
MK Carson
John Culbertson
Christine Curtis
Lee Ann Daly
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Robin Davis
Anthony and Shauna Doerr
Mac and Sophie Ehrhardt
Gerry Ehrlich
Gwen Emery
Robert Evrén
Samuel Feinsmith and Sarah-Bess Dworin
Finca La Donaira
Harrison Ford
Steven Remmer Fox
Jameson French
Bonnie Garmus
Morley and Deana Golden
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Katherine Gould-Martin and Robert L. Martin
Kevin Grady

Miriam Grynberg
Edwin and Geoffrey Hamlyn
James and Linda Hargrove
Caryl and Mickey Hart
Don Henley
Clare Hirn
Holdfast Collective
Thomas Holloway
Kanya Honoki
Joseph Geoffrey Hook
Houdini Sportswear
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
James M. Stone and Cathleen D. Stone Family Foundation
Monica Kalmanson-Midler
David Keith
Victoria and Stanford Keziah
Lucinda Lang
Sylvia Le Blancq
Kristin Hettermann Lindblad and Sven-Olof Lindblad
Liu Family Fund
Stephen Lockhart and Karen Bals
Doug MacKie
Seshu Madhavapeddy
Deborah Magness
Ryan Malone
Angela Manno
Virginia Martin
Aileen Mason
Paul and Karen Montgomery
Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation
Gabriel Nadel
Dave and Sarah Nigh
Roland Norton
Gail O’Keefe
Victoria Olson
Payne-Brodeur Giving Fund
Matthew Peetz
H.F.W. Perk and Leslie Dean Price
Mark Pfefferle
Ariel Phillips and Gwyndaf Jones
David Prend
Beth and Keith Richtman
Nicholas Robinson
Jonathan and Diana Rose
James A. Rosen

Roger Sant and Doris Matsui
Aaron Santell
Andrew Saunders
Jay and Carolyn Short
Paul Simon
Charles Smith
Cheryl Snell
Sony Music Group
Natalie Soonthornswad
Fred and Alice Stanback
Stanley Fund
Joey Stein
Joan Steyaert
Graeme Stockton
Sulentic Family Foundation
Thomas and Sara de Swardt
The Burt’s Bees Foundation
The Ellis Family Charitable Fund
The Hearst Foundation
The Mayer Trust
The Nathan M. Ohrbach Foundation
The Vermont Community Foundation
Amy Tidovsky and Jim McDuffie
Keith Tuffley
Turner Foundation
Jeff and Laurie Ubben
Robert Vogt
Glenna Waterman
Wendy Weaver
David Welborn and Ann Hunter-Welborn
Kevin Wheeler
Steven White
John Taylor Williams
Greg Zimmerman

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