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The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission of reimagining the way we care for our planet. We work toward ending the extinction crisis and halting biodiversity loss. 

Our core program, the Half-Earth Project, inspires informed collective action to save the biosphere. Convenings like Half-Earth Day® gather distinguished scientists, conservation leaders, policymakers, educators, and the general public to share perspectives on area-based planning, taxonomy, biodiversity monitoring and mapping, and conservation biology. We lead the development of evidence-based solutions, tools, and technologies, like the Half-Earth Project Map and the Species Protection Index, for use by decision-makers including the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity, to support the preservation of global biodiversity.

Want to learn more about the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation’s accomplishments and our vision for the future? 

Financial Highlights

The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation provides the highest level of accountability to our donors and to the public.

  • 8,5 por cento de despesas restritas, 54,8 por cento de despesas sem restrições foram para serviços de programação em 2022.
  • 36,7% das despesas totais foram para a gestão de operações (geral) e custos de angariação de fundos em 2022.


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