Transcript of Memorial Service for E.O. Wilson Now Available

Headshot of E.O. Wilson with the text Edward O. Wilson (1929 - 2021).

Memorial services for E.O. Wilson were held on January 7, 2022 in Lexington Massachusetts at the Douglas Funeral Home at 11 am. Read the full transcript of the memorial, officiated by Rev. Dr. Rand Peabody. Speakers included, Stefan Cover, Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, and Kathy Horton, Dr. Wilson’s secretary of over fifty years.

“Indeed, beginning afresh in this moment, in his honor, may we be inspired or re-inspired to sound an insistent alarm that will awaken a trans-disciplinary, and trans-national, desire to sustain the web of planetary life at all costs. For prophets welcome the company of those who would make common cause. And it was Edward Osborne Wilson’s great and prophetic vocation, in this millennium of metastasizing ecological peril, to stress the utter imperative to do all that we can to preserve the intricate goodness of a creation into which he himself looked so deeply, and indeed with such an abiding passion, and compassion.”  – Rev. Peabody

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