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“As extinction spreads, some of the species that we lose may prove to be keystone species whose disappearance will bring down other species.” – Dr. Paula Ehrlich

Listen to a riveting interview with Dr. Paula Ehrlich, CEO & President, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and co-founder of The Half-Earth Project on Digging in the Dirt on WKPN Community Radio in New York. Dr. Ehrlich speaks about striking a balance between all the stewards of nature, including indigenous peoples and local communities, to address the extinction crisis. She shares the moonshot goal of Half-Earth in conversation with host Kevin Gallagher about the importance of identifying species, discovered and undiscovered, and a do-no-harm ethic while we map life on Earth to protect it. By sharing the example of avoiding trophic cascades like those that devastated the sea otters, and how the tools of the Half-Earth Project, like the Species Protection Index help countries, prioritize land for conservation, Dr. Ehrlich argues we’re experiencing a shift in our consciousness alongside “courageous research” that will lead to safeguarding life on Earth.

Listen to the complete interview below:

WPKN Community Radio · Paula J. Ehrlich – C.E.O, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation & Co-founder of the Half-Earth Project

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