Half-Earth Project Talks 30X30 on Climate One Podcast

“If the goal is to protect the web of life for all of life to sustainability endure, then whatever our target is 30 by 30 or half where we pick to prioritize for conservation becomes particularly important.” – Dr. Paula Ehrlich

Screenshot of the 30x30: This land is whose land article.

Listen to Paula Ehrlich on Climate One. In this podcast, the Half-Earth Project sits down to talk about the global and US goal of “30X30” with Climate One. Paula discusses how innovative science and a shift in consciousness can guide an approach to the extinction crisis with Half-Earth as the inspiration for interim goals like setting aside 30% of land and seas for biodiversity by 2030. We also share how a changing climate and biodiversity can be tackled together. Later, in the podcast, Jen Norris, Catherine Spencer, and Woody Lee dive into the California 30×30 plan.

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