Walter Jetz Talks Putting Species on the Map with The Long Run

In a recent presentation with Communities for a Half-Earth Future partner The Long Run, Dr. Walter Jetz, Scientific Chair of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, presented Putting Species on the Map

Dr. Jetz gave a preview of expected developments on the Half-Earth Project map that include identifying the top sites that contribute to a Half-Earth Future, through the Species Protection Index (SPI). He shared how The Long Run’s own footprint of member properties tends to overlap with areas of high priority to protect biodiversity.

The Long Run, is a membership organization of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability around the world. The Long Run started in 2009 as an initiative of Zeitz Foundation’s international program, launched by Jochen Zeitz, Founder of the ZEITZ Foundation, Co-Founder of The B Team, and Zeitz MOCAA. Members are committed to continuous improvement and work toward a GTSC-recognized Global Ecosphere Retreats (GER) standard.

In discussion with Dr. Delphine Malleret-King, Dr. Jetz discussed the need for The Long Run to quantitatively measure, monitor, and report their contributions to biodiversity protection, including inventorying life on member properties, in order to develop advocacy positions to influence local governments to improve protections.

Dr. Jetz provided details into the planned joint initiative between Half-Earth Project and The Long Run, to pilot integrating members in Half Earth’s Biodiversity Species Index mapping project with the following objectives:

  • Showcasing Long Run members’ contribution to Global Biodiversity Protection
  • Supporting strategic action individually and collectively
  • Creating opportunities for member stakeholders (including guests, local communities, and teams) to engage in celebrating biodiversity and contributing actively towards global objectives
  • Inspiring others to invest in biodiversity

The 4C call (conservation, community, culture, commerce) also covered the opportunity to identify, measure, and grow carbon sequestration on member properties to address climate change. 

Learn more about the Long Run 4Cs:

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