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“We ourselves are part of the living world and the only species with the intelligence and thereby the moral responsibility to serve as its caring steward.”

With science at its core and our moral obligation to the rest of life at its heart, the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation is working through the Half-Earth Project to conserve half of the land and sea to safeguard the bulk of biodiversity, and support a revolutionary movement culture taking action to achieve this visionary goal. With your pledge, we’ll contact you about opportunities to support critical scientific and advocacy efforts on behalf of life on Earth.

The Half-Earth Pledge

I believe that everyone has a role in protecting endangered species and ecosystems. As a global citizen, and using my unique skills and abilities, I pledge to:

  • Contribute to our understanding of biodiversity and support scientific innovation to achieve the goal of Half-Earth.
  • Promote educational initiatives that connect students with the natural world and inspire them to become our next-generation conservation stewards.
  • Advocate for conservation action and collaboration within my community.
  • Expand the Half-Earth movement culture by sharing my commitment with friends and family and encouraging them to join me in signing the Half-Earth Pledge.

Together, we can achieve the goal of Half-Earth and protect sufficient habitat to steward the enduring stability of our planet. Join us.

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