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"The only hope for the species still living is a human effort commensurate with the magnitude of the problem."

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Fellow examining a bat in Gorongosa National Park

Ciencia de vanguardia para conservar las especies

Your gift funds the research of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation which has been adopted by the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity and will be used by over 150 countries to implement 30×30, indigenous land stewardship, and more.

Educar a la próxima generación de científicos

Ayúdenos a financiar modelos de conducta y mentores para la próxima generación de investigadores de la biodiversidad. Formamos a científicos de todo el mundo en diferentes etapas de su carrera que están avanzando en el conocimiento y el liderazgo científico necesarios para aplicar soluciones Half-Earth.

Mapa visual del Proyecto Media Tierra

Seguimiento y cartografía de la biodiversidad

Help fund the expansion of the Half-Earth Project Map: a global assessment of biodiversity richness and rarity at a 1–50 km scale for all terrestrial and marine vertebrates and at a 1 km to country scale for hundreds of thousands of invertebrate and plant species. No other public tool contains this level and resolution of global species data.

“I love Half-Earth. I hope we can bring E.O. WIlson's dream to fruition.”

“I believe very strongly in this work and in the teachings and beliefs of E.O. Wilson himself. The Half-Earth concept gives me hope for life for all.”

“The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation has inspired an international movement, including community groups like mine in Australia to emulate 'Half-Earth' for nature.”

Financial Highlights

The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation provides the highest level of accountability to our donors and to the public.

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