Vermont Alliance for Half-Earth Launches New Website

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The Vermont Alliance for Half-Earth, a partner of the Vermont Community for a Half-Earth Future, is a network of concerned citizens dedicated to inspiring more action to protect biodiversity across the state and country, just launched a website to advance this cause. The site contains a comprehensive suite of resources to help visitors understand why it is so critical to saving biodiversity, find out what others are doing to preserve biodiversity on their land, find a host of learning resources (books, articles, and websites), learn what strategies they can use on their land and in their communities to provide better habitat for local species, and find inspiration in beautiful scenes and sounds from nature.

“It’s so gratifying to see the progress we’ve made in Vermont, progress made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers and participation by many fine conservation organizations in the state and inspired by E.O. Wilson’s clarion call to protect more of the Earth for nature,” shared Curt Lindberg, co-founder, Vermont Alliance for Half-Earth.

The effort to create the website has galvanized members of the Alliance to join with conservationists and educators to author a book on the theme “nature needs more.” The book, to be published with the Northeast Wilderness Trust and the Vermont Natural Resources Council, should be out later this year, hopefully in time for Half-Earth Day. On the near horizon is a collaboration with the Vermont Natural Resources Council to host a two-day series of educational events in August featuring Doug Tallamy, the renowned entomologist, conservationist, and author. The next school year will see a continuation of a multi-year effort to educate teachers and students about biodiversity. Working with Vermont schools and North Branch Nature Center, the Alliance supports school bioblitzes and a campaign they call “Half-School” to improve habitat on school campuses. As part of their localized campaign, North Branch Nature Center will offer a week-long Vermont Biodiversity Institute for Educators this July.

Screenshot of the Vermont Alliance for Half-Earth website.

Visit the new Alliance website –

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