Updated: “E.O. Wilson – Of Ants and Men” Film Wins “Best Writing” and “Conservation Hero” Awards at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival + 2016 Cinematography Award from Telluride Mountainfilm Festival + Science Ambassador Award from the Science Media Awards & Summit in the Hub

Image of E.O. Wilson on stage holding a microphone.

“I don’t want to lecture people about saving the planet. I want to share with them the joy of the natural world. It’s where we belong. By looking after it, we look after ourselves.”—E.O. Wilson

Update September 27, 2016: E.O. Wilson—Of Ants and Men Wins the Science Ambassador Award from the Science Media Awards & Summit in the Hub. Sponsored by Nature/WNET.

Update June 15, 2016: E.O. Wilson—Of Ants and Men Wins the 2016 Cinematography Award from the Telluride Mountainfilm festival

Congratulations to Graham Townsley (Producer) and Shelley Schulze (Director) of E.O. Wilson—Of Ants and Men for winning the Best Writing and Conservation Hero awards at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival last night! E.O. Wilson was honored with a warm, standing ovation.

This inspiring biopic celebrates E.O. Wilson’s impact and lifelong commitment to the conservation of the natural world. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the premiere on PBS, the entire film is online here: http://www.pbs.org/program/eo-wilson/

Watch a clip from E.O. Wilson—Of Ants and Men and hear E.O. Wilson and Bill Finch talk about the importance of biodiversity in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.


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