The Wilderness Society Honors E.O. Wilson for His Lifetime of Work

“Humanity is passing through a bottleneck of overpopulation and environmental destruction. At the other end, if we pass through safely and take most of Earth’s life forms with us, human existence could be a paradise compared to today.”—E.O. Wilson

The Wilderness Society has long held E.O. Wilson’s philosophy of “biophilia” at the core of their work to protect large habitats. On September 15, 2016, the Wilderness Society honored E.O. Wilson for his lifetime of work inspiring people to care for the natural world. At a celebratory dinner, E.O. Wilson presented a keynote address on Half-Earth and the importance of saving half the Earth for the rest of life. Steve Curwood, host of NPR’s “Living on Earth,” moderated a discussion about what we can do to help protect wild landscapes and make the grand vision of Half-Earth a reality.

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