Read: E.O. Wilson Interview in “American Entomologist”

Image of Edward Wilson, Eagle Scout, 1944.
Edward Wilson, Eagle Scout, 1944.

“In science, you really do need to have a purpose-driven life. You will succeed to the extent that you get the most out of your career so that you can give the most back. Try to be an addict, driven to achieve discoveries, learning new things, and then writing about them.”—E.O. Wilson

In this detailed interview conducted by Marlin Rice, E.O. Wilson answers questions about his life as an entomologist. In the interview, published in American Entomologist, E.O Wilson recounts his entomological adventures as a young boy growing up in Alabama, highlights his many discoveries as a world-renowned myrmecologist, and gives advice to young scientists across the globe.

Read the interview here.

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