Paula Ehrlich Talks about the Book, Half-Earth, with the Mickey Hart Book Club

Paula J. Ehrlich, President and CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, spoke with Rachel Anne, Host of the Mickey Hart Book Club about the book, Half-Earth.

In the interview clips below, Dr. Ehrlich talks about the way the book, Half-Earth, appeals to the core of our humanity and highlights the way the book allows us to convene around this important goal and solution for our planet.

Can you explain how Half-Earth changed from a vision to an action?

“I think we each recognize something of ourselves – some core of our humanity – in everything that Ed writes, that inspires us in our lives and in all that we do, however we work to care for our planet.”

“Believe me, in its execution, Half-Earth is extraordinarily complex, but the beauty of Half-Earth is in its simplicity. People get it right away. It has the simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, and credibility of ideas that stick, and it also comes at a moment when people are leaning forward, looking for a hopeful solution for our planet. So, inevitably, the action comes from everyone as they convene in support of this goal and solution for our planet.”

What is your favorite part of the book, Half-Earth, and why?

“My favorite chapter is one called, The Lord God Species. Not necessarily because of the content, per se, but because of the way it helped me realize and articulate the importance of what Ed had written, and the moment we are in. Ed, has always written about the importance of transcendent moments of discovery – of how important they are in compelling us to do something extraordinary with our lives and make a difference in the world.”

“You see, what he had done was write it all down and give us The Words, to convene around this compelling idea. And that’s what we all did.”

Watch the full interview here.

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