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The Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador program provides educators with compelling, classroom-ready content designed to engage students in biodiversity science and conservation.

This week, lead Educator Ambassador Dennis Liu interviews Doug Tallamy, author of Nature’s Best Hope and many other titles. The two discuss how biodiversity conservation on private lands can make a big difference on the path to Half-Earth.

Cover of Nature's Best Hope A New Approach to Conservation That Strats in Your Yard by Douglas W. Tallamy.

Private land-owners can be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation
In his latest book, “Nature’s Best Hope,” released in February 2020, Doug Tallamy expands previous arguments explaining how private land-owners can be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation while also making their property more beautiful. Doug and Timber Press have given us permission to present Chapter One of Nature’s Best Hope, titled “The Dreamers.” This opening chapter is about Aldo Leopold and E.O. Wilson and why they are such important inspirational figures in the world of conservation. The chapter and a list of questions for classroom discussion based on the reading are supplied here.

A conversation with Doug Tallamy
In this short video excerpt from our interview with Professor Doug Tallamy, he discusses why he is inspired by Aldo Leopold and E.O. Wilson and how they made it into the first chapter of Nature’s Best Hope. Full video available here (24:00).

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