Half-Earth Day Explores Making Ecosystem Conservation Integral to Business Practices

Flyer for the Half-Earth Day 2021 on October 22.

On Half-Earth Day, distinguished business leaders from diverse sectors will lay out how they have incorporated ecosystem conservation into their business planning, practices, and stakeholder valuation. In three sessions focused on Business & Community, the conversation will highlight 18 voices from across the globe working to protect ecosystems while investing in business, community, and the well-being of people.

Featured speakers include Emmanuel Faber, former CEO of Danone, who became well known with the introduction of a Carbon Adjusted Earnings Per Share (EPS) formula, Jeffrey W. Ubben, Founder and the CEO of ValueAct Capital who recently joined the Exxon Mobil board, Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini Sportswear, the sustainable outdoor brand creating a 100% circular production model, Andrew Whalley, partner at Grimshaw Architects with a long-time focus on construction sustainability, and Delphine Malleret King, Director of The Long Run, a membership organization that supports a global network of tourism-based Privately Protected Areas. 

These forward-thinking leaders are creating a transformational approach to corporate and community sustainability that places biodiversity and the environment front-and-center in how decisions are made and success is measured. Business & Community sessions will demonstrate how the decisions we make in our daily lives, whether as industry leaders or simply as consumers, will make the difference in the movement for Half-Earth.  

Business & Community sessions include: 

10 am – 10:55 am EDT / 3 pm – 3:50 pm BST

Business & Community 1: Companies & Investors for a Half-Earth Future

This session features distinguished business leaders sharing how companies and investors can come together to support the goal of Half-Earth.

  • Keith Tuffley, Citi
  • Anita McBain, Citi
  • Jeff Ubben, ValueAct Capital
  • Eva Karlsson, Houdini Sportswear
  • Emmanuel Faber, recently Danone CEO

11 am – 11:50 am EDT / 4 pm – 4:50 pm BST
Business & Community 2: Where Do We Come From? Who Are We? Where Are We Going?

It is imperative that we understand the cultural, psychosocial, ethical, and spiritual developments necessary for a more balanced future for our planet and the life it supports. This session will try to answer the question: How do we imagine and realize a vision for the future dedicated to Half-Earth, ecological civilization, regenerative economies and mutualism, and the common good?

  • Jonathan F.P. Rose, the Garrison Institute
  • Kris Tompkins, Tompkins Conservation
  • Andrew Whalley, Grimshaw Architects
  • Nicholas Christakis, Yale University

1 pm – 1:50 pm EDT / 6 pm – 6:50 pm BSTBusiness & Community 3: Dream to Reality 

This dynamic session will bring together members of the Long Run, businesses and destinations that seek to protect ecosystems in perpetuity while improving the well-being of people. Speakers will provide practical advice and insights from across the globe.

  • Delphine Malleret King, The Long Run
  • Douglas Naggi, Cottar Safaris
  • Sarah Thompkins, Samara
  • Piotr Naskrecki, Gorongosa National Park
  • Norina Vincente, Gorongosa National Park
  • Ana Gledis, Gorongosa National Park
  • Ricardo Guta, Gorongosa National Park
  • Krithi Karanth, Centre for Wildlife Studies
  • Liliana Gutiérrez Mariscal, Mexican Initiative for Coast and Seas
  • Cher Chua-Lassalvy, Batu Batu, Tengah Island Conservation

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