E.O.Wilson Research Prize 2020

Each year, the editors of the Journal of Natural History award the E.O. Wilson Research Prize to one outstanding paper for excellence in natural history research.

This year, the award went to “Description and biology of two new egg parasitoid species (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) reared from eggs of Heliconiini butterflies (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Heliconiinae) in Panama”, authors Jozef B. Woelke, Viktor N. Fursov, Alex V. Gumovsky, Marjolein de Rijk, Catalina Estrada, Patrick Verbaarschot, Martinus E. Huigens & Nina E. Fatouros.

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In notifying the authors of the award, the journal’s Editor in Chief Dr. Andrew Polaszek noted, “I personally felt that the paper presented a very nice balance of novel natural history, including new host associations and phoresy, and a meticulously-presented integrative taxonomy narrative.”

The E.O. Wilson Research Prize is named in honor of Edward O. Wilson, a multi-award winning American biologist whose career has spanned 7 decades. From his early career as an expert in the behaviour and biology of ants and island biogeography, his ground-breaking work on human-environment interactions has been influential in the shaping of modern conservation and biodiversity protection. A pioneer and once in a generation scientist, the E.O. Wilson Prize is a fitting testament to the ongoing relevance and impact of his research.

The Journal of Natural History is an international zoological journal publishing original research and reviews in taxonomy, evolutionary biology and ecology. It maintains its historical niche by publishing a broad range of systematics papers on all animal phyla from Protozoa to Chordata, encompassing traditional taxonomic revisions and descriptions, cladistic analyses and molecular phylogenetics and phylogenomics. 

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