E.O. Wilson Honored at the Captain Planet Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Benefit Gala in Atlanta, Georgia

On December 9, 2016, E.O. Wilson was honored at the Captain Planet Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Benefit Gala in Atlanta, Georgia.

E.O. Wilson received the Exemplar Award for his extraordinary work in environmental stewardship, helping to protect and preserve the natural balance and beauty of our land, and actively put forth a significant effort in making the world a better place.

Image of Captain Planet and E.O. Wilson

Captain Planet, E.O. Wilson

Other honorees at the Event were HRH Prince Charles, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Ian Somerhalder, and Hannah Testa.

Laura Turner Seydel hosted a lively evening of support for Captain Planet and the environment. The night started with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez performing his original and inspiring eco hip-hop music. Upon acceptance of his award, E.O. Wilson spoke about the importance of the Half-Earth Project as a lodestar for the environmental community. Hannah Testa finished up the awards ceremony with a moving speech about how the young generation can help protect the natural world.

The Captain Planet Foundation works to empower the next generation to become conscientious environmental stewards of our planet. The Foundation helps educate and engage children in habitat restoration, recycling programs, pollinator and edible gardens, stream restoration, and other projects that improve their local community environments.


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