Listen to E.O. Wilson Share His Thoughts on Savoring and Saving the Living World

Image of E. O. Wilson standing in front of the University of Alabama.
Edward O. Wilson. Photograph courtesy of The University of Alabama.

Edward O. Wilson returned to his alma mater, The University of Alabama, for the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Symposium, which was held April 22-24. While in his home state, he spoke with WBHM reporter Gigi Douban and shared a number of anecdotes from his professional and personal life:

— his thoughts on returning to the University of Alabama and how it prepared him for his career

— the rich biological diversity of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta

— how, as a child, he had the great advantage of not having anyplace to go but outdoors

— how today’s politicians need a degree of scientific literacy

— his thoughts on the movement to promote insects as a food source

— how to consider what to do when there are ants in your kitchen

— whether we can learn any moral lessons from ants

— what makes him hopeful in the face of the mass extinction of species across the planet

— a message for the leaders of Alabama

— the secret of a vibrant and fulfilling life

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